*Audio Required*

Hey guys, what's up. This is Adam_DBS and i'm going to show you a new game i've been working on. It's incredible, you're gonna, you're gonna love it.

This is WORLD OF NEONCRAFT GENESIS: an MMORPG Cyperpunk Action Roguelike which supports up to 10,000 concurrent players. And I made it ALL. ALL OF IT. Code, art, design, QA, Localization.


Right. Well the load times are a bit rough at the moment, so just sit tight a bit. It takes a while to load, especially on such a low end machine.


LoadingPleaseWait.zip 17 MB


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Umm... Hi. Sorry to bother you, but, uh, could we try loading that again maybe? It looked like it had potential. Crappy machine, I know. But... And yeah, about the ball. I appreciate the thought but when you said it might explode I just steered clear of it. Sorry about that. Thanks for creating such a fantastic, maybe, game. :thumbup: